Jaruplund Legacy Brawl - Cancelled

Saturday May 27th 2023

Listen! This is an call to action. You love the legacy format, and you want to enjoy up to 10 rounds of fines legacy on a lovely saturday together with tons of other great people? You want the chance to win juicy prices? Here is our offer.

The Legacy format is mostly abandoned by wotc today. This means its up to us, the community, to plan, organise and execute legacy tournaments and events.

With this tournament we want to strengthen the different local legacy communities we have in Germany, Denmark and other regions around Europe. We want to build a bridge between these communities, so the different communities get to know each other more.

To do this we want to fire up an amazing tournament, with a an attratictive price pool. We want to spent time playing, legacy, we want to talk and laugh about the legacy format. Share our best memories and our biggest punts. Our goal is to attract people from far away swell as our local community to strengthen the bonds between the different communities and to build bridges between them. We think this will result in a total plus for the legacy format.

There will be a raffle! You have the chance to win a Modern Horizons 2 Fat Pack, all you have to do is to attend.

Disclaimer: In order to make this tournament come true, we need at least 40 participants.

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Event info

This event is cancelled.

Jaruplund Legacy Brawl

Format: Legacy
Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive
Tournament Structure:  up to 7 rounds of Swiss + a cut to the Top 8

Location: Jaruplund Højskole

We can host up to 100 people.




Saturday 27.05.2023

8:30 am - Venue opening for the day guests.

9 am - Registration Jaruplund Legacy Brawl.

10 am - Start of the Jaruplund Legacy Brawl

1 pm - Side event hustle*

7 pm - Top 8 of the Jaruplund Legacy Brawl*

10 pm - Award Ceremony.*

Midnight - Venue closing


*These timestamps are not set in stone, and may vary due to the course of the tournament.



At 40 players

1st place: Underground Sea(revised)

2nd place: Bayou(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Force of Will(all) & Ancient Tomb(tmp)

5th-8th place: Endurance(mh2)


At 50 Players

1st place: Volcanic Island(revised)

2nd place: Tundra(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Force of Will(all), Ancient Tomb(tmp)

5th-8th place: playset of Scalding Tarn(mh2)


At 60 Players

1st place: Volcanic Island(revised)

2nd place: Underground Sea(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Badlands(revised)

5th-8th place: playset of Scalding Tarn(mh2)


At 70 Players

1st place: Underground Sea(revised) & Bayou(revised)

2nd place: Volcanic Island(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Badlands(revised)

5th-8th place: playset of Scalding Tarn(mh2)

9th-12th place: Endurance(mh2)


At 80 Players

1st place: 2x Underground Sea(revised)

2nd place: Volcanic Island(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Badlands(revised)

5th-8th place: playset of Scalding Tarn(mh2)

9th-12th place: Ancient Tomb(tmp)

13th-16th place: Endurance(mh2)


At 100 Players

1st place: 2x Volcanic Island(revised)

2nd place: Underground Sea(revised) & Badlands(revised)

3rd & 4th place: Tundra(revised)

5th-8th place: playset Urzas Saga(mh2)

9th-12th place: playset of Scalding Tarn(mh2)

13th-16th place: Endurance(mh2)


Registration & Service

The registration fee is set to 60€, the registration works through our registration form. It will not be possible to pay the registration fee at the door.

In order to ensure your hydration during the tournament we organised tea, coffee and water, which is free of charge. Furhtermore we want to make sure to suplly you with enough nutrients to make sure you stay focussed. Therefore we organised fruit, which also is free of charge.

Last but not least, we will make sure, that some form of sweet pastry  is served. This is free of charge as well.

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The Højskole movement & the venue

In this paragraph we want to give you a little introduction regarding the venue, share some travel information and  introduce you to the principles of a Højskole. This might be interesting for those of you, who did not grow up in Denmark, Sweden or Norway, were the Højskole movement has its origins.

The venue & travel information.

The venue is a højskole and located some kilometers south of the danish border. The exact address is the following:

Jaruplund Højskole

Lundweg 2 

24976 Handewitt

We have a big parking lot, were we can ensure you a sport during your stay. In you prefer to travel by train, we recommend travelling to the train station in Flensburg. From here its just 5 kilometers. We recommend taking a cab from here.

The Højskole movement & why this event is possible

If you would translate Højskole to English, it would give you the confusing term "Folk High School", since this might not help you understand what the Højskole movement is about. I will try to explain this in the following lines.

The Højskole movement main target is life enlightment, public and democratic education for everyone in society. Since these are some rather broad terms a Højskole can chose itself how it wants to teach in these areas. We have a lot of freedom compared to more traditional school forms, and hence we can organise this event. Our goal is to create an event, where you, as a participant, will grow through engagement with other participants. I myself learn a lot already, by organising this event, and Im sure, that you will too by attending.

In case you have questions regarding the Højskole movement, you are welcome to contact me: jonas.voss@skoleforeningen.org



The Team

Jonas Voss: Performs as the head of the TO-team, and works as a teacher at the Jaruplund Højskole. Plays Magic since 2015, when he first heard about duals, he was sure he would never buy one. Today he is caught in the legacy format and loves to play lands.

Max Koch: Works as a Teacher in the Danish Minority and is the person who introduced Jonas to the legacy format. Plays Magic since “forever”. Be aware, he might sneak up on you and show you his demons and tentacles.

Marian Will: The local legend, and maybe the strongest player we have in our local community. Back in 2019 he played at Mythic Championship VI in Richmond with success. Rumours say, he was born with a Death and Taxes deck in his hands.

Judge Coordinator:
Max Tiedemann: An ancient when it comes to magic, and organiser of multiple succesfull events like the “Eternal Clash” Series. In addition he is also a performing L2 Judge.

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