Minority Changemaker Programme

The Minority Changemaker Programme is a three-month academic programme that will take place in spring 2022 at Jaruplund Højskole.

Here you have the chance to combine academic lectures and ECTS credits with non-formal learning in a community of young Europeans - and build friendships and network for life.

The Programme focuses on national minorities as a case for European studies - what does it mean to be European and how do we shape the future of Europe? The course is open to everyone - both members of national minorities in Europe and for those interested in minority issues.


Focus on national minorities

- What does it mean to be part of a European minority? And how can minorities help shape Europe's future in a positive way?
During the week, you'll become wiser about current minority issues, and be part of the solution when we jointly discuss what we can do together in the future. You also get the chance to participate in the school's subjects: History, music, art and philosophy, as well as having fun with a game of dodgeball, a board game night and a graduation party on Friday night. Friday "The Cultural Ambassadors" will join us for a dialogue meeting about living with more than one culture and identities.

It's free to participate - tuition, board and lodging, as well as transport to and from Flensburg-Jaruplund Folk High School on Monday and Saturday are included. Transport from your home to Flensborg or directly to Jaruplund højskole you need to pay yourself.

Kick off your future and personal development with reflection and new acquaintances!


For more information please call or write project manager Maria Lindahl Strøm, phone nr. +45 28 90 92 37, e-mail: ms@graenseforeningen.dk
We're now open for registration by mail to jaruplund@skoleforeningen.org